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05.11.2020: Basketball fouls can be predicted by personality traits but not the ones you would expect

14.10.2020: Interview in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

26.09.2020: New article on the role of implicit motives in counterproductive work behavior

24.09.2020: Less organized, careful, and responsible athletes might ruin their teams' success

18.02.2019: New paper on the newly developed motive-self categorization test

24.01.2019: Comparing Variance Components in Multilevel Models using Log-Likelihood Tests in R

11.01.2019: New paper on implicit motives as antecedents of income growth

11.01.2019: EAWOP 2019

02.01.2019: 2019 SIOP Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment

02.12.2018: New paper on studying group processes with multilevel methods

30.11.2018: SIOP 2019