Jonas Lang

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Chapters 2007-2022

Lang, J. W. B., & Corstjens, J. (2022). Key episodes in the history of testing in Central Western Europe. In S. Laher (Ed.), International histories of psychological assessment. Cambrdige, UK: Cambridge University Press. Preprint

Bliese, P. D., Kautz, J., & Lang, J. W. B. (2020). Discontinuous growth models: Illustrations, recommendations, and an R function for generating the design matrix (pp. 319–350). In Y. Griep, S. D. Hansen, T. Vantilborgh, T., & J. Hofmans (Eds.), Handbook of dynamic organizational behavior. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. Preprint

Lang, J. W. B., & Bliese, P. D. (2018). A temporal perspective on emergence: Using three-level mixed-effects models to track consensus emergence in groups. In S. E. Humphrey & J. M. LeBreton (Eds), The handbook for multilevel theory, measurement, and analysis (pp. 519-540). Washington, DC: APA. Preprint Material

Lang, J. W. B. (2011). Computer-adaptives Testen. [Computer-adaptive testing]. In L. F. Hornke, M. Amelang & M. Kersting (Eds.), Leistungs-, Intelligenz- und Verhaltensdiagnostik (Enzyklopädie der Psychologie. Themenbereich B, Serie II, Band 3). Göttingen, Germany: Hogrefe.

Lang, J. W. B., & Kersting, M. (2007). Langfristige Effekte von regelmässigem Feedback aus studentischen Lehrveranstaltungsevaluationen. [Long-term effects of regular feedback from student ratings of instruction] In A. Kluge & K. Schüler (Eds.), Qualitätssicherung und -entwicklung an Hochschulen: Methoden und Ergebnisse (pp. 159-167). Lengerich, Germany: Pabst.

Lang, J. W. B., & Kersting, M. (2007). Statistische Modelle und Auswertungsverfahren. [Statistical models and evaluation procedures] In H. Schuler & Kh. Sonntag (Eds.), Handbuch der Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie (pp. 98-108). Göttingen, Germany: Hogrefe.